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March 1, 2014

I am delighted to share the news that The Cygnal Group will be folded into Towers Watson’s Sales Effectiveness and Rewards practice on March 17, 2014. I left Towers Perrin just over 10 years ago to start The Cygnal Group, and it has been a terrific experience. We are eager to build on all we have learned about sales compensation with the addition of offerings from Towers Watson in adjacent areas like talent management. I believe Towers Watson has the strongest capabilities in the space, and am pleased to think we’ll be able to bring even more insight and value to the clients we have served as part of The Cygnal Group.

Prior Cygnal Group clients should expect the same commitment to your success and attentive support you have experienced with The Cygnal Group in years past, enhanced by the great ideas and insights that will come from a larger team of colleagues who are world class experts. We continue to be committed to long term value-creating client relationships like the many we have had over ten years at Cygnal, and Towers Watson totally supports us in that commitment.

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Clients Say:

    More about Towers Watson’s Sales Effectiveness and Rewards practice

    Towers Watson’s site includes great content on sales compensation, sales talent management, and other keys to effectively managing selling teams. Click through to have a look:



    Where did the Cygnal Group content go?

    Visit Donya Rose’s personal blog for a rich repository of “sales comp answers” and information on her upcoming public speaking:

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