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Could your sales compensation plans be doing more for your business? If so, you’re in the right place.

Our consultants assist clients with design, communication and ongoing management of sales compensation plans. Your sale people, focused on the results you need, at the right cost of comp for your business. That’s our deliverable.

Sales compensation is our passion. It’s all we do.

Clients Say:

    “Donya is one of the best Compensation professionals I have ever worked with. She loves her work and always has the client’s best interest at heart. SALES COMP is her thing and she knows it inside-out.”

    — David Moff, SPHR

Latest News

Research suggests that sales managers retain poor performers in order to maximize their own chance of making their quota

Recently published research led by Alan Benson applies a rigorous academic lens to this question. And Alan’s answer is…

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Sales Comp Answers

Should sales leader comp go up with quota size?

We have two sales VPs with remarkably different team revenue quotas. One at $12MM/yr, the other at $20MM. To date we have targeted the same variable comp for each…

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