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Seven signs your sales comp plans could be doing more for your business

1. Do your sales people appear to be “coasting”?

Are they too comfortable with a level of performance that’s not acceptable to the business?

2. Are your sales people acting like teenagers?

Are they unpredictable independent operators more focused on their own self-interest than what’s good for customers and the business?

3. Are your sales people selling – but not the right stuff?

Are they pricing too low, or selling the old offerings they’re comfortable with and ignoring important new company offerings?

4. Are your sales people confused about their sales comp plans?

Do they have trouble understanding how their payouts relate to their results? Are there too many questions or disputes about the sales commission payout each pay cycle?

5. Are your “keepers” leaving?

Are they citing comp as one of the main reasons?

6. Are you having trouble hiring top talent?

Do the people you want to hire express concerns about their ability to earn what they know they could earn elsewhere?

7. Are your sales comp costs going up?

And are they going up faster than your profits? Is there concern over the cost of comp as it relates to value created?

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Spend 10 minutes with a Cygnal Group consultant, and you will see that they are outstanding compensation specialists. I am glad to recommend them without hesitation. They have been on retainer for almost two years (so far) and during this time, they have provided timely support when needed, and helped us through two major incentive compensation changes. They are professional, nice people, fun and experts in their field.

VP Sales, Major automated testing provider

Our Cygnal consultants are among the very best Compensation professionals I have ever worked with. They love their work and always have the client’s best interest at heart. SALES COMP is their thing and they know it inside-out.

CEO, Large regional human resources consulting firm

The Cygnal Group consultants have excellent project management and client management skills. They are professional and task oriented but with a great sense of perspective and the ability to quickly make realistic assessments of client issues. They are very effective communicators, and great listeners.

Director, Sales Operations, National waste management service provider

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A sales compensation design effort yields results in three areas: revenue increase, margin improvement, cost of compensation in relation to sales productivity. Be sure you know why you are changing your plans and what you hope to accomplish, and your plan design will be much more likely to yield improved results.

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What your CEO needs to know about your sales comp plans

CEOs don’t need to understand the details of the sales comp plans, but they do need to make sure that a few things are working correctly. Here’s a check-list for what you should be able to demonstrate to your CEO in your next plan review/approval meeting:... read more