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Webinar: Predicting the cost of your sales compensation plans

(52 mins) Predict the cost of your proposed new plans using the right aggregate cost modeling technique. View this webinar to understand three good bases for modeling the cost of the new plans based on either a synthetic distribution, your historical performance distribution, or a simulation. Example of all three are provided in a downloadable Excel file.

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Webinar: Sales Compensation in a Recurring Revenue Business

(57 mins) Check out this practical session that will provide a grounding in best practices for sales compensation plan design in a recurring revenue business. We look at the best primary measures of sales performance, and the necessary secondary measure. We consider common mis-steps in these plans…

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Webinar: The End of Weighting – Relative Rate Plans to Balance Focus

(54 mins) Learn about a new plan construct we’re calling a Relative Rate plan. In this construct, we don’t start with weights. We start with the idea that sales in a preferred category should pay out at a high commission rate than “vanilla” sales, and we directly manage the relative values of the commission rates rather than the weight for each stand-alone component.

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Webinar: Sales Forecast Accuracy and Incentive Design

(33 minutes) Better accuracy in forecasts leads to reduced costs through better operations management, the ability to manage investor expectations and stabilize stock prices, and of course accurate sales quotas. This webinar features Kevin Gray of Anaplan and Donya Rose of Towers Watson with best practice information on sales comp plans and forecast accuracy.

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