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Webinar: Predicting the cost of your sales compensation plans

(52 mins) Predict the cost of your proposed new plans using the right aggregate cost modeling technique. View this webinar to understand three good bases for modeling the cost of the new plans based on either a synthetic distribution, your historical performance distribution, or a simulation. Example of all three are provided in a downloadable Excel file.

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How to Develop a Sales Compensation Plan

You have a new sales role on your team. Maybe it’s your company’s first foray into Inside sales, or maybe you just approved a requisition for a new channel manager role. To set things up correctly from the start, follow these steps…

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Selling your sales comp plans to Sales

Plan communication matters in sales comp. Get maximum value from your plans by communicating clearly and positively with your sales people, both at the start of your plan year and as the year progresses. We offer best practice guidance, along with helpful templates to get you started.

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