Get Started With an Advisory Engagement

Our Advisory Engagement is designed for businesses that just need some over-the-shoulder help via a few web meetings or phone calls with one of our sales compensation experts. This works best for:

  • Small sales forces with 25 or fewer sellers and 5 or fewer plans in need of design help
  • Any size business needing expert advice about specific aspects of their plans
  • Former clients who who are considering further adjustments to their plans a year or two after their first full year with their new plans.

How it works

What’s included: Up to four hours of web meeting or phone-based consultation with Donya Rose. In addition, Donya will review plan documents, reports and other information provided in advance, and will provide templates and plan tuners as applicable from the Cygnal Group library.

How you use your time: The four hours may be used in scheduled web meetings or phone calls of 30 – 120 minutes each, and may be scheduled up to one year from the time you have committed to the engagement. If additional web meeting consultations are needed, they may be purchased in additional four hour blocks.

What it costs: USD 8,000.

How to start: Contact us to arrange an introductory call.