An Express Workshop engagement is ideal for businesses that…

  • Have the resources to design their own plan but lack consensus
  • Have leadership in Sales, Finance or HR with the time and interest to take an active role in designing, testing and deploying the sales compensation plans
  • Are relatively small and uncomplicated
  • May be early-stage, with significant year-over-year growth anticipated.

An Express Workshop engagement includes:

  • Interviews of executives and sales leaders
  • A full analysis of historical pay and performance data
  • Review of current sales compensation plans and pay levels
  • A series of two to three workshop sessions to provide you with findings, establish agreement on goals and structure, recommended compensation plan design concepts, and deliver tools you’ll need to build your plan
  • Follow-on web meetings in the weeks following the workshop to provide you with continued advice and counsel that ensures your success
  • Optional add-on services to model expected effects of new plans on individuals and on the cost of compensation, prepare plan documents, or prepare rollout presentations.


  • USD 41,000 – 65,000 depending on services required.

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