In a blast from the past, this recording of a presentation from a 2009 Synygy conference surfaced recently, and it’s as relevant today as it was then (provided you can manage the 4:3 aspect ratio slides).

You have a lot of data on your sales people’s pay and performance. View this presentation for some great ideas about how to use visual analytics to gain real insight in what’s working and what’s not working in your plans.

Specific analytics presented include:

  • Where is the money is going, by measure, role, sales team?
  • Which plan components are providing the most income (and motivation) for the sales people?
  • How much differentiation in performance are your plans detecting, and how are you translating that into pay differentiation?
  • How do pay levels compare across legacy organizations?
  • How much pay dispersion is attributable to variable pay vs. base?
  • What is the relationship between pay and performance?
  • How does pay mix compare across roles, legacy organizations, levels? And how does that relate to base pay level?
  • How consistent is quota performance by person, year over year?
  • How have the plans changed over time, and how has that affected payout levels?

Download a copy of the presentation with example visualizations here: Visual Analytica 090426 1838


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